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We know you probably have some questions about how we work. We hope to answer most of them in this section, but if not, just give us a call. 914.512.5527
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Home measure services warrants computations to their accuracy. This warranty is only available to the customer (individual and/or entity that by consideration directly to Home measure services). If in the unlikely event that the measurement results are materially inaccurate the customer's sole remedy is the refund of the amount paid to Home measure services for the measure. In no event shall Home measure services be liable to any third parties who receive or rely upon the measurement results communicated and/or obtained by Home measure services. Liquidated damages are the customer's sole remedy and are limited to the amount paid to Home measure services by the customer. In no event shall Home measure services be liable to any third parties including but not limited to homeowners, sellers of real property, purchasers of real property, leasors of real property, lessees of real property, unless those individuals are customers of Home measure services. In the event there is any dispute of any kind arising out of Home measure services contract with the customer, the parties stipulate that the sole place to initiate any claim is in the State New York, County of Westchester and the customer waives the right to make a jury demand. In no event shall Home measure services be required or ordered to pay customer and customer waives any claim for an award of exemplary damages, special damages and any award of attorney fees upon Home measure services refund of the amount paid by customer.*I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions of this warranty.

1. Home much will it cost to measure my kitchen and when can I expect my plan?
First step is to set an appointment. All scheduled appointments will have a min of a 2 hr window. The actually measuring should take no longer than 1 hr depending on how many rooms you need measured and the amount of furniture in the room. Plans are emailed in a PDF format. All plans come with photos of each measured room. You can expect your plans within 4/5 working days. Prints are also available but will require and extra charge plus shipping and handling.

Existing kitchen, living room, or bedroom plan: $200
Basement plan $300 per 1000 SQFT

2. Do you measure commercial property?
We can measure almost any commercial space. We offer measurements for offices, retail or warehouse.
Existing floor plan: $500 per 1500 sq ft
Existing reflective ceiling plan: $500 ea.
Elevations per wall: $400 ea.
3. Do we get photos of the room being measured?
During the measuring process we take photos to document the condition of the room. These images will be emailed to you along with your measured plan.
4. How much will it cost to design my kitchen or bathroom?
Our kitchen or bath designs come with a consultation, and a full evaluation of the existing space. If your interested in expanding your existing space, we will look at any architectural changes that can be made, and guide you in the right direction. We start from the floor and work our way up. We will discuss the type of flooring you would like to use. Which cabinet door styles and countertops you like, and what size appliance will work best in your space.

Starting with a 10'x10' Kitchen design and cabinet quote start at $500 and up.
Starting with a 5'x'8 Bathroom design and cabinet quote start at $500 and up.
10x10 Kitchen & 5x8 Bath design and cabinet quote: $950
5. How much are your cabinets, countertops and vanities?
Clients ask this question all the time. To be honest its not an easy question to answer. Most home improvement and big box stores advertise prices for a 10x10 size kitchen. But not every kitchen is the same. Plus if you look closely at the ad it never includes a drawer base cabinet or crown molding. Its little details like those that make a big difference in the look and use of the kitchen.
We have cabinets available for every type of project and budget. From partial overlay doors to beaded inset, and 100% custom. We can even price out a kitchen plan you bring to us. Just email us your plan and tell us what type of cabinets you would like.
6. How do I choose my door style?

We have an array of doors to choose from. During your meeting with our designers you can pick a number door styles that you like from our catalogs and our designers will have the doors for you to view and choose at your next meeting.

7. When do I pick out my countertop?
Once you finalize your cabinet door style and color, we can start to look at different countertop samples, ranging from granite, quartz or wood that match best with the door style and color choice of your cabinets.